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Argo Mobile


Argo Mobile is an expense management platform that allows you to control your personal or corporate spending. This application makes it possible to enter your expenses, take pictures of the receipts and store them. In addition, it is possible to consolidate all the accounting information by using the feature report, which allows sending the reports by email. Main features:Entry of new expense: allows the user to enter the amount, currency, date, category, payment method and receipt related to the expense, in addition to the location (address) where the spending occurred, which is automatically filled in as the user types. The information is recorded on a list of expenses, and the entries can be edited or deleted at any time.Save receipt: allows the user to store, in the application, all the receipts related to the expenses. This feature allows the user to select the receipt and bind it to the accounting process.Generation of reports: offers the user the possibility of generating reports by period, making it possible to delete and insert expenses before saving the file. It also offers users the option to send the file by email to any recipient.